More PvP Bag Infos on DevTracker

More PvP Bag Infos on DevTracker

Postby Tierce » Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:51 am ... dit2454364

GabeAmatangelo wrote:The cost of Champion and Centurion items are NOT changing.

The chance for a Battlemaster Commendation to be in a Battlemaster Bag is NOT changing. It is still 25%.

To reiterate the mention in my previous post, we will be changing Battlemaster Commendation drops in a future patch toward the same 'steady' progession goal without changing the overall average time to gear up.

So putting this with his previous post Here, bags will reward the following with 1.1.2:

Champion Bags - always contain 15 Centurion Commendations AND 7 Champion Commendations AND small chance of Champion Direct Item Trade Token

Battlemaster Bags - always contain 15 Champion Commendations AND 25% chance for a Battlemaster Commendation

Cost of all items is NOT changing, current commendation prices on live vendors are accurate
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