Ilum reportedly borked again by Patch

Ilum reportedly borked again by Patch

Postby Tierce » Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:38 am

Multiple reports on the official forums that people are not getting credit on daily/weeklies nor valor for a lot of kills on Ilum. Like basically they will be getting credit/valor, then suddenly never or very rarely getting credit/valor. BW made a post saying they were looking into the issues currently being reported.

There was a last minute patch note added that they made a change to prevent some kind of valor exploit from killing people in Ilum. Some of the details like a person not being able to get valor on any of their characters in Ilum once it stopped seems to indicate that the problem is not with the player doing the killing being able to earn credit/valor, but with the players being killed no longer being worth credit/valor. Theory is that there is a hidden debuff that people get to prevent them from being worth kill credit/valor to ANYONE after they have died, or maybe after a few deaths. Some think this was to prevent cooperative kill trading. However, it seems that this hidden debuff or whatever it is either has a very long duration, gets refreshed each time the person dies again, or just lasts indefinitely. So basically both sides will be going back and forth killing each other and then as players hit this point of no longer being worth valor, it just sticks and soon nobody is worth kill credit/valor to anybody.
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