any smokers who want to quit?

any smokers who want to quit?

Postby HillbilliesRule » Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:03 am

I finally quit. Not "quit for a week" and soon to restart, but actually in no smoke for 3 months quit.

I have tried cold turkey, patches, gum, lozenges, and drugs. They all failed me miserably. In 2008 I tried my first electronic cigarette and while it help promise, it didn't deliver.

Late last year (2012) I started using Green Smoke e-cigs and they were a vast improvement compared to my first experience with the Njoy but they still cost too much. $16 for 5 cartridges which despite ads to the contrary are only about a half a packs worth. For some people living in high tax areas this might be cheaper than smoking marlboros or camels, but I roll my own. I have for many years. For me a $10 bag of tobacco was a 2 weeks supply.

I wanted to quit smoking AND save money. Green Smoke wasn't gonna do that for me. It was still worth it because they got me off the burning organic matter. If I had known last year what I do now my transition would have been way faster and cheaper.

If anyone is interested in more info let me know. I will post more details if the is any interest.
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