Secondary Monitor went out

Secondary Monitor went out

Postby Tierce » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:16 pm

My Samsung 940BX that I use on my 2nd PC may have had its last day of use. When I turn it on, the screen comes up for about a second and then goes black. I did some testing and isolated the issue to the monitor itself, and after doing some google searches, appears that it is likely a capacitor went bad on the circuit board. Curious if anyone else has experienced this with a monitor before and could tell me anything they did. I am going to call around and see if I can't find a repair place that knows how to fix this and will charge me less than the monitor is worth, but at this point I think I likely have to get a replacement.

One thing I read was to try using a blow dryer to blow hot air into the vents and that would make the monitor turn on until turned off. I'm tempted to try this, although I do not have a blow dryer. Maybe I can use my small space heater to do this though. It sounds crazy, but like I said, I think the monitor is basically garbage right now if I can't find a place that will fix it for 30 bucks or less.
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